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Credifeye has established itself as a pioneer of email and phone verification. Our end-to-end email id verification services are designed to give your campaigns the best boost. With our accurate verification system, we make your contact database capable of generating high quality leads. Needless to say, when your contact database is free from any worn-out records, getting access to your prospects becomes a lot easier.

Want to get your email database verified and generate high quality leads? To know more,

Email Verification: Accurate Solutions to validate your customer email addresses

Did you know that you lose 32% of your customers as they change their email addresses every year? Credifeye brings you email address verification solutions custom-made to meet your business requirements. Our online email verification process will:

  • Increase your email deliverability
  • Enhance your marketing campaigns
  • Help you reach your targets better
  • Enable you to avoid getting spamlisted
  • Improve the reliability of contact details

Direct marketers and email marketers need a fast and effective software to verify the email addresses present in their contact database.
Credifeye’s bulk email verifier software is apt for data challenged marketers who are planning to verify their contact databases. Our email list verification servces removes incorrect and invalid emails, present in your email database.
With Credifeye’s online email verifier software, you get in touch with your prospects instantly and generate high quality leads.
Rest assured, we provide you a state-of-the-art email address verification solution that will reduce email bounces and delivery failures by 89%.

   At Credifeye, we

  • Increase the accuracy of the email addresses
  • Validate the domain name
  • Spam check by matching each email address with dead domains and
  • Wicked email addresses
  • Pluck out the typos

Once the email addresses are submitted, they are passed through a series of algorithms such as Domain name validation, syntax validation and username validation.

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After negotiating with half a dozen vendors for over a month, I finally settled the deal with Credifeye for bulk email validation services. I was amazed with their accuracy and deliverability. Kudos to Credifeye!
- Ralph Forrester