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Email List Management

In order to ensure success and maximum effectiveness of email marketing campaigns, an
integral contributing factor is an updated database. Implementing an efficient List Management
System is essential in nurturing active target audience as well as attracting new readers.Read More

Email Marketing Cheat sheet

Considered to be a form of direct marketing, email marketing mainly comprises of an email message focused on a group of people often regarded as Target. The use of email is considered to be a prominent mode of communication. Emails are sent in the form of Advertisements, Business requests etc. The focus of email marketing is to create awareness, build loyalty, trust, and educate customers.Read More

Data Verification

The decay of business data is common knowledge. Anyone who has been in the online marketing business even for a few weeks is aware of missing opportunities due to incorrect data. Despite knowing all this, our tendency to neglect data is difficult to overcome.Read More

Tele Verification Process

Tele-verification allows your business to reach prospects and customers easily and effectively by verifying their phone numbers. Each phone number is run through algorithms to determine legitimacy and validity. Tele-verification increases validity of your contact database and improves communication with customers. At the end of the process, you also get other information about your lead. Read More

An IT firm that became a top notch brand

The IT firm received a large numbers of business email addresses through its websites, blogs and other web mediums. Although the company was able to get contacts, however, it resulted in vast number of unverified data; a mix of valid and invalid email addresses. The incorrect email addresses present in the client's database compromised their ability to reach new business prospects and expand its business. The company was also in danger of being added to the Spam Blacklisting to its server. Read More

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After negotiating with half a dozen vendors for over a month, I finally settled the deal with Credifeye for bulk email validation services. I was amazed with their accuracy and deliverability. Kudos to Credifeye!
- Ralph Forrester