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Avoid the adverse effects of bad data. Simply switch to Credifeye and do away with your old and inactive records lying dormant in your database with Email validation and phone validation tool.

Using this unique software, our data experts verify each listing directly over telephone or Email or both (as per your business requirement). Every prospect on the list is doubly verified to ensure that their contact details are active and fit for use. Our Email checker tool will ensure that your Emails are validated accurately.

Data being a perishable asset tends to decay every minute. At Credifeye, we offer comprehensive Email list validation services that will keep your contact database updated, 100% accurate and without any inconsistencies. Maximize business ROI through our online Email address validation web services. Save money on your database and reach your targets successfully.

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After negotiating with half a dozen vendors for over a month, I finally settled the deal with Credifeye for bulk email validation services. I was amazed with their accuracy and deliverability. Kudos to Credifeye!
- Ralph Forrester