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Credifeye Privacy Policy

This site is being provided as a source of information for our existing and prospective customers. Credifeye adheres to the strict privacy guidelines and is committed to uphold the privacy of its customers and site visitors.

Credifeye endeavors to abide by the highest standards of privacy as laid down by the Direct Marketing Association.

Credifeye hereby certifies that it encourages its existing and prospective clients to conform to the Direct Marketing Association Privacy Policy. The policy lays down certain guidelines to honor privacy by:

  1. Respecting a prospects’/customers’ request of not including their information on in-house lists. The same can be done by simply placing a request with us
  2. Providing customers with the option of opting-out of sale, exchange or data rental singly or from all of these
  3. Taking into consideration the customers’ request to not have their information included as part of sale, exchange or rental data singly or all of these


  • We are pledged to not mislead any consumers and communicate freely and directly about possible offers from our partners in all our business activities
  • Credifeye will share email addresses with third parties where the third party has convinced that their product or service is relevant to a subscriber's interests
  • Credifeye will not, under any circumstances, use a customer’s data or credential for its own interest or purpose. This will be strictly followed to maintain high levels of confidentiality between the customer and Credifeye.
  • However, all our business partners will be not able to demonstrate a direct match with our subscribers’ interests. For this, we usually seek a couple of samples of pitches when we do campaigns. We also have content in the Sign up forms and Email permission mailers which clarifies our 3rd party partners states

Should you have any queries about our privacy policy; the same can be addressed to us at: We reserve the right to change our privacy policy as and when needed.

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